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Violent gay male stories like this one are bloodcurdling and arousing at the same time! A young credulous stud used of thinking with his dick instead of using his little brain was sure he was about to have the first fucking date with the girl he met in a local chat. Alas, he got into lustful hands of extremely dirty kinksters instead! The violent bears tied the poor stag and humiliated him in every way imaginable. To begin with the gay male slave had to taste a throbbing male cock before taking it into his virgin ass…

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Rich student becomes a contemptible boy-toy

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If you enjoy really harsh gay male stories this one is exactly what you need! A young rich student was heading for a furtive den to play poker. No wonder he was totally shocked to discover violent gays longing for his juicy fuckholes! Unable to resist properly the poor fuckmeat was tied and forced to undergo every humiliation possible! His wet throat was fucked rudely by a huge violent dick, his tight unwilling ass was painfully stretched with his Masters’ members and a fucking machine. Finally the lad received a stream of yellow pish straight into his face!

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Die-hard military dominated and fucked

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This is doubtless one of the wildest gay male stories ever! As a rule big and well-hung military guys consider themselves too harsh and do not give a fuck to other people’s ways of life. Our famous bear decided to teach a straight bastard like that a good fucking lesson. The gay kinkster undressed and tied the dirty fucker right in the WC of a nightclub! He offered every willing guy to use the bastard’s mouth instead of a urinal and sold the poor guy’s ass for pennies to anyone who cared to nail it. Finally accompanied by cheers of the wild crowd the violent master put his huge fat dong into fucking practice!

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Straight pal plunges into gay bdsm hell

Straight pal plunges into gay hell

Among different gay male stories this one will stun you with its harshness and cruelty! The silly straight fucker did not want to find a stable job and made money in different furtive ways. This time he was offered a round sum for the permission to be spanked! The banknotes looked too seductive and the naive lad agreed. Little did the silly creature know he sold himself to violent dominating bastards. In a wink he was tied and put on all for to become a dog for his Masters! The poor stud had to obey every kinky command! He licked their dirty asses, sucked throbbing gay cocks and had his virgin dark hole stretched on the point of ripping! Was it all worth it, foolish niggard?


Dumb gambler dog-trained and fucked

Dumb gambler dog-trained and fucked

Do cruel gay male stories make you hard? Take your chance of setting your beast free! They say gambling is a bad thing but sometimes it can become crucial! A young well-hung stud lost too much and was offered to pay back by selling his own body for a few hours! The silly gambler will see those few hours in his bad dreams for the rest of his good-for-nothing life! He got into the den of two perverted gays who tied and dominated him. The poor pal was trained to be a dog, he had to lick his Masters’ boots and drink their piss before they fucked him on the point of no repair!

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Silly straight stud has the gay nightmare of his life

Silly straight stud has the gay nightmare of his life

Even if you have seen many gay male stories do not fail to watch this one, wild and violent! An arrogant young stud said too many dirty things about gays and finally violent bears decided to teach the mean fucker a cruel lesson. They kidnapped the silly stud, brought him to their furtive den and showed him how dirty and violent gay Masters can be! The poor gay male slave had to swallow throbbing fat shlongs, lick Masters’ asses clean and accept their wild hard cocks deep into his virgin unwilling dackdoor hole!

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